Meet Ashlee,

With a background of 17 years in the beauty industry, eyebrows have always been my true love.

In my years providing cosmetic tattoo services, I have undergone many advanced courses which have allowed me to form my own custom techniques and style of tattooing , which I am now known for amongst my clients and peers. Giving you the confidence to feel more comfortable in your own skin with your new set of brows is my goal!

I pride myself in offering my honest opinion when working with my clients so you not only get great results when you leave the salon but you will also get results that will last and are made for YOUR face and YOUR skin.

Doing this allows me to get the best possible results for my clients and create custom work for every person. Not one set of brows are ever the same!

Cosmetic Tattoo Services


New client - $699

Any additional touch ups under 4 months - $ 100

6-8 months refresh - $200

Yearly refresh 12-18 months - $300

2 years or over refresh - $400

Lip Blush

New client - $699

Touch up - $150

Refresh - $400

Consultation - $50

This includes full consultation, answering any questions or concerns, brow tidy and design of your brows for full confidence before booking.

If you have had your brows tattooed else where before, please email photos of your brows so we can make sure we are able to redo them.

Lip Blush Tattooing

Lip blush is exactly how it sounds, a blush of soft colour over the lips. Adding the right blush tone to your lips can create a more full and defined lip. 

This treatment is perfect if you lack colour in your lips, or definition around your lip border. Perfect for after lip filler or when we lose that definition with ageing. 

Lip blush lasts 1-3 years depending on your skin and lifestyle and will need refresh appointments.

Allow 2 hours for your first appointment and 1 hour for your follow up. Some people don't need a follow up appointment with lips, however, I do suggest you have one for longevity. A follow up or touch up appointment is an additional cost and is done within 6-10 weeks of ordinal appointment. 

Eyebrow Tattooing

Yay! You are thinking of taking the leap and booking an appointment to get those brows you've always dreamed of!

We will have a full consultation on the day of your appointment to discuss your ideal brows. Below are examples of the styles of brow tattooing I offer, which will give you a good indication of the brows you're after.
When choosing the right style of brows, please consider the following:
Your skin type, how you like to wear your brows daily and your natural brow hair thickness and colour.

When choosing a cosmetic tattoo artist, it can all be very confusing. There are numerous techniques out there on offer, from microblading, to shading, combination, feathering & hair strokes. But what does it all mean? Which method is right for me?

Here are some important facts to consider and make your process easier for you

  • Firstly, I do not offer microblading. Although I trained on the field after treating clients for years, my preferred method is using a machine to create hair strokes. This gives a longer lasting result and less trauma on the skin long term.

  • I only offer combination brows, not full brow feathering. Why? Because the heal better, last longer and hold up better over time with less skin trauma.

  • Feathering and hair strokes are both the same. We are just creating small lines to mimic hairs in the skin.

  • Hair strokes aren't for everyone. If you have oily, open pore, rough skin, they will not hold and blur together faster.

  • All brows fade to different light versions of their colour over time. It depends on your skin colouring as to what colour we can use on you.

  • There are sooo many colours to choose from and I will help you make the best decision on the day. Keeping in mind we have to work with your skin colour and tone for best results.

  • Shading isn't as scary as it seems. I can create shading to be super soft or more heavy to get your desired result.

  • All cosmetic tattooing fades so you must be prepared for yearly upkeep.

Combination Brows

Combination brows are using a mixture of hair strokes and shading throughout the brow. We create fine, natural hair strokes in the beginning/fronts of the brows and shade the tails and mid sections. How many strokes and shading we use is dependent on your natural brow hair and where we need to place the tattoo.

Combination brow is great if you like a fluffy front, need definition but still want a natural look. Perfect if you lack tails/ends of your brows, very customisable.

Ombre Brows

Ombre brows are perfect for everyone! Suits all skins and brow styles. Very customisable. We can do a soft, natural fill to look like a soft skin tint or a more saturated, filled in look if you need to blend your natural brow hair more or like a bolder look.

Ombre refers to the front fade of your brow. A softer, faded front to appear more natural. Keep in mind if you don't have much hair in the fronts of your brows, you may be better off with combination with some shading also, or a full powder style.

This is the most modern, common style as its how most people fill their brows daily.


Full Powder Brows

Full powder brows are shaded in the same technique over the whole brow. Similar to an ombre but no front fade. For those who don't have much hair in the fronts but dark or dense tails, this style is great. Doesn't have to be crazy dark and saturated, can still be done softer and lighter. Like a tinted effect under your brows.

This technique will last the longest due to the same application over the whole brow.


Pre Booking Information

  • All new brow tattooing services include numbing application, full consultation and brow design

  • Please allow 2 hour for your first appointment

  • To finish your brows you are required to have a follow up appointment or touch up appointment. This is a 45 minute appointment done within 4-8 weeks and is included in the price of your brows. Please make sure you book your touch up when you book your first appointment to avoid missing out.

  • If you have had your eyebrows tattooed previously, please DO NOT book an appointment unless you have had a consultation with myself prior. You can fill out an online consultation form or book an in person for a 10 minute consultation. If you would like to have an in person consult, a $50 fee applies. This includes a chat, tidy of brow if needed and drawing of how your potential tattooed brows could look

Please use the form below if are a new cosmetic tattoo client and have any questions you would like Ashlee to answer 

Online Consultation