Keratin Bonds are individually bonded to your natural hair with a protein called 'keratin'. 

Keratin is the natural protein your hair is made up of so it functions just like your natural hair.


Keratin Extensions last anywhere from 4-6 months with proper home care. 

As they grow out naturally with your hair you may want to book in for a removal around the 4-6 month mark. The hair can not be reused as to remove we crush the bonds so there is no damage to your natural hair. 

We customise all bonds to suit everyones needs and natural hair.

Keratin Bonds are great gap fillers or if your after a hair makeover to get that glam length and thickness you have always dreamed of! 

All appointments require a FREE consult prior to booking in for this treatment. 

Treatment time - minimum 2 Hours 

Price - $12 a strand 

This price includes wash and blow wave (over 25 strands), installation, cut in if needed, style and aftercare form. 

Removal - $80/hr