Pre Care for your Cosmetic Tattoo

Please prepare for your treatment by following the instructions below prior to your appointment. 


Filler prior to lip tattooing needs to be done 4 or more weeks before your appointment.


Avoid skin treatments such as skin needling, peels & lasers. Any anti-wrinkle injections must be done 2 weeks prior to your appointment or anytime after is fine.


Avoid sun, fake tan, retinols or active products in the area.

Now is the time to tint your brows if you need to


Avoid alcohol, fish oils, vitamins and nurofen.

Please make sure you have filled out your consultation form provided to you.

Have a think about how you would like your brows and save any photos of Ashlee's to show her on the day.


Please avoid caffeine, energy drinks and pre workout 3 hours prior to your appointment 

Aftercare for Cosmetic Tattoo Treatments

It is very important to take care for your cosmetic tattoo to ensure the best healing and results. 

Healing of the treated area for brows will take 2 weeks, however it may take 4 weeks for the true colour of the tattoo to settle into the skin.

Lips heal within 5-7 days, colour will settle in 6-8 weeks.

This is why we suggest to wait the 4-8 weeks for your perfection appointment. It will take 2 treatments to fully finish your tattoo. In some cases, some skin types require a 3rd touch up which will be an additional cost.

You will need to follow these steps to ensure the best healing and long term care of your tattoo. 

You may experience the following during the healing period


Tenderness in the area

Dryness, flaking and peeling of your brows 

The area may become itchy

The colour will appear stronger and bolder until healed, then will soften and lighten once healed

The colour can appear patchy and a little out of shape until healed


Your brows can feel like sunburn for 24hours. They will feel a little bolder and darker than you're used to and will get a bit darker as the day goes on.

DAY 2-4

Your brows will feel darker as the start to get dry and peel

DAY 5-10

The peeling process has begun. They can be dry, itchy and appear out of shape and patchy as the new skin comes though. They may appear lighter and as if the colour has disappeared in some areas.

DAY 11-14

They are almost done healing and can be very light in colour at this point.

DAY 30

The colour has come back through and everything is healed and you're ready for your touch up appointment




Caring for my Cosmetic Tattoo

- Always ensure your hands are clean when touching the area

- After eyebrow tattooing, every hour for the first 3 hours following your tattoo, press the area firmly with a new cotton pad.

- Twice a day, morning and night gently cleanse the area with a small drop of cleanser mixed with water. No scrubbing or rubbing is needed. Please be super gentle. Rinse and pat dry.

- Apply a small amount of your aftercare cream after cleansing twice daily, morning and night.

- For lip blush tattooing you can apply aftercare gloss as much as you like throughout the day until healed

- Other than cleansing, keep the area dry and away from any other water for 2 weeks, this will allow the pigment to hold better in the skin

- Once the skin has stopped flaking and your skin appears to be back to normal you should be healed, this usually takes 2 weeks however, the pigment will continue to settle in for up to 4 weeks.

- Avoid any other products on the area other than the recommended creams, other products may result in poor healing or pull the pigment colour from the skin.

- DO NOT pick, rub, scratch or scrub the area. Avoid touching the area too much while healing

- Avoid makeup on the area while healing, you may put makeup on around the area just be careful when removing not to disturb the tattoo

- Please avoid exercise & sweating for one week 

- No sun bathing, sun beds, saunas, excessive heat, chlorine or salt water. waxing or tinting in the area until healed.  


Long Term Care

Cosmetic tattooing is semi-permanent, meaning it will fade overtime and you will require refreshes anywhere from 6-18 months. Yearly touchups are recommended.

How long your tattoo lasts will depend on your skin type, method chosen, colour and lifestyle. Oily skin types, smokers and hormonal issues will all lose colour faster.

The sun will fade and change the appearance of your cosmetic tattoo. Always wear sunscreen, hats and eye protection and avoid full sun exposure to your face for long periods of time.

All forms of exfoliation can fade your tattoo overtime. Please avoid the following in the area; active ingredients vitamin A and retinol, AHA's OR BHA's, bleaching agents, chemical peel and laser & IPL treatments.