Invigorating mask that gives energy and volume to dull hair and restores tone and hydration to the scalp. Ideal recovery treatment after stressful situations or exposure to extreme atmospheric conditions.


The Wake-up Circle

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    Post stress new energy and volume for hair. 
    It improves scalp tone. 
    It gives hydration. 
    High conditioning power

    Additional Info

    Without silicons, without artificial colours.



    How to use

    Apply to scalp and towel dried hair after shampooing. Leave on for 10 minutes, then comb through and 
    rinse. Dry the hair. 

    Apply The Wake up Circle to lengths and ends to revitalize them.
    Apply The Purity Circle to the scalp for a purifying effect.

    Apply The Renaissance Circle or The Spotlight Circle to lengths and ends, and at the same time apply The Wake up Circle to the scalp to revitalize it.